If you viewed your credit card statement and it said eBillingHelp.com next to the charge then your credit card was used to purchase a subscription to a membership based web site. The "descriptor" on your credit card statement is often different than the name of the web site that you joined.

1 – Call us at (855) 504-0375 or (702)749-4453. These numbers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you do not get a live person then all operators are busy and you may call back, leave a message, or email us for a prompt response.

You recently purchased one of the following products:

Stealth Attraction/Master Pickup University (dating advice membership)
Date Link Networks (online dating provider)

If you would like to look up your membership or credit card item please use our Credit Card Item Finder. If you would like to cancel your recurring membership please use our Cancel Membership Form.

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